Monday, August 13, 2012

TNHSXC Course Preview

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Your typical cross country meet flyer has a course description saying "our course is this, or our course is that." Indstead, I wanted people to actually see what the TNHSXC course looks like. I know, the still looks more like a picture of a barn, a soccer field, and a tennis court. Well, it is, but in and around lies the home of TNHSXC which is developing into a permanent fixture on our campus. The other permanent fixture, that little neon green speck, is me.

Home to the upcoming Wednesday Night Warfare cross country meet at TNHS, the XC course is almost entirely visible from the top of our stadium. This video is of me running a tempo 20 minute 5k (in 10 minutes!) on the course as seen from the press box and the runner's point of view taken from the gator. This was shot on a muggy afternoon following heavy rains. While I don't think this will ever be a super-fast course, it's not a slow one. The course will continue to improve and is quickly becoming a hub for fitness activity in the TNHS community. Turn up the sound, take some Dramamine, and hang on. Don't take my word for how great this course is. See for yourself.

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