Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brooks ID Program

I am proud to say that I have been accepted in to the Brooks Running ID Program for 2012.  What is it you ask?  The following is an excerpt from the website (which is linked to the Brooks ID logo at the right)...

     "Brooks I.D. stands for Inspire Daily. These two simple words guide the principles of the program. Brooks I.D. is made up of over 800 members who are active in their running communities and share a passion for the Brooks brand. They are runners who are winners in their own right: Winning their age divisions, accomplishing their personal goals, pushing their own limits, and, by extension, encouraging others to do the same. They are coaches, mentors, and leaders." 

... I am a big Brooks guy, I coach, race a lot, and sometimes go pretty fast.  So, I went for it.  It's amazing.  There are sweet perks like discounts all year, a package of free gear that we get to choose for ourselves, as well as a package of goodies that we get to pick for our athletes.  I'm pictured wearing some of my swag that the kids on my team will enjoy (and, no they didn't print their stuff backwards - webcam image).  The program keeps a Leader Board, on which I am trying to claw my way into the top thirty.   Being a member of the program is part of the reason I started this blog (maybe the whole reason).  Look for me in every pic to be wearing my new Brooks singlet, shorts, and Launch, Pure Grit or T7 Racer shoes.  And, while the product reviews are to come, in a nutshell, Brooks running gear is the absolute best you can buy.

Monday, July 2, 2012


This is the start of another foray into unfamiliar techno territory - blogging.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I've written a few posts on the web page I developed for the Thomas Nelson High School XC and track teams which I coach, and I titled my first post for that site "Launch".   However, I have tried not to include too much about my own running and racing experience, even my personal reflections on coaching.  This is the platform for that.  I came up with much cooler names for the blog title, but none were available.  "runninginmyownhead", "don'tbea#$%&*", and simply "go" were my top choices, but I had to settle for "matthoyesrunning".  It is who I am and what I do after all.  Please read, share and enjoy.  Go.